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work with us

We are always happy to hear from potential collaborators. Before you get in touch, please take some time to read a bit about the work we do and how we work.

Performers / casting opportunities

Please send us a CV with a short letter outlining your work and why you are interested in working with us.

The best way to introduce us to your work is to invite us to see you performing. Please email us with at least four weeks notice. We are a very small team so we will not be able to see everything. From time to time we advertise casting opportunities around specific productions on this site, (as well as on other mailing lists).

We will advertise casting opportunities around specific productions on this site (as well as on other mailing lists). We are currently investigating running a general meeting for casting once a year as a chance for us to meet a wider circle of performers - watch this space.


We are happy to read scripts that are sent to us and to hear about showings and productions of your work. A few things to keep in mind:
We generally commission and develop scripts rather than producing finished scripts that are sent to us. We are more likely to read your script as the start of a conversation about potential collaboration rather than with a view to producing. We are a small team, it may take us a while to read things.

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