Five performers stand facing forward on the corner of a giant black and white chess board. The background is dark but white tables and a white sofa are positioned on the chess board
"There is an impressive rigour to the way the form expresses the content and the content plays with the form."
Exeunt Magazone on 'Game of Life'

We are Potential Difference, a theatre company that tells stories inspired by science, philosophy, and technology.  

Our projects often spark from big concepts or ideas that are full of theatrical potential.

We put writers, makers, and movers together with academics and specialists to inspire and inform each other’s practice.

We develop new technology to challenge theatre’s boundaries and to reach new audiences.

in the pipeline: Fragments

Fragments is in development for 2020.

Three archaeologists pore over some excavated shreds of paper in a dusty back office. What do they say? Muse, daughter of Memory and siren of Jazz, is about to bring these jumbled letters to life… 
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We are currently looking for new trustees to join the board of Potential Difference.

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