"A rather innovative and magical piece of theatre"
One Stop Arts on 'Game of Life' - ★★★★★

We are Potential Difference, a theatre company that tells stories inspired by science, philosophy, and technology.  

We commission and produce new work that bridges science and the arts.

We put writers, makers, and movers together with academics and specialists to inform and inspire each other’s practice.

We develop new technology to challenge theatre’s boundaries and to reach new audiences.

14 -16 June 2021
Making Theatre in a Time of COVID-19: an audio tour

Last November, on the eve of the second national lockdown, we gathered around a Signal Fire in the grounds of the Actors' Church, Covent Garden, as part of a research project reflecting on of live performance during the pandemic.

Join us for an interactive audio tour following in the footsteps of that performance, hearing its echoes and considering what is unique about live performance and why it matters during a pandemic.

Part of the British Academy Summer Showcase

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