A three-part online puppetry workshop series created by Lori Hopkins and Jess Mabel Jones and open to puppeteers of all ages

Make your own amazing puppet theatre with the ordinary objects and materials around you!

Jess and Lori are collaborators on  Fragments, our new show about ancient Greek stories and the fragments of them that survive, which is currently on hold due to the pandemic. These at-home workshops are inspired by some of the imagery of the show and play with Greek myth, homemade papyrus and shadowy landscapes.

For kids and grown-ups of all ages - we suggest 7+ but younger puppeteers may enjoy them too with a little extra help or supervision.

Fully captioned.

1. Turning Everyday Objects into Puppets

Lori Hopkins guides you through classic object manipulation techniques so you can turn ordinary, everyday objects into puppets and characters. Along the way, Lori tells the gripping story of Danae from the Greek myths.

2. Making
Your Own Papyrus Puppet

Along with Lori, make papyrus 'fragments' and then find a puppet in the expressive shapes they suggest to create your own Gorgon monster puppet. Then practice bringing your puppet to life. NOTE: This Workshop takes place over three days to allow glue to dry between stages!


Together with Jess Mabel Jones, make your own amazing shadow landscapes with simple objects you can find at home. All you need is a surface, an object, and a light source!

Created and presented by Lori Hopkins and Jess Mabel Jones
Directed, filmed, and edited by Russell Bender and Wendy Kibble
Additional puppetry direction: Jess Mabel Jones
Associate Producers: Natalie Alison and Kendall Masson