Why does live performance matter? How does it help us to connect with others? Has living through a pandemic changed it?

In March 2020, the doors of theatres and other cultural venues closed. During this period of crisis, theatre makers and theatregoers alike began to reflect on what is lost when live performance cannot take place, and how they could capture this during COVID-19.

In November 2020, on the eve of the second national lockdown, we gathered around a Signal Fire in the grounds of The Actors' Church, Covent Garden as part of British Academy research project reflecting on the importance of live performance during the pandemic.

This audio tour was commissioned as part of the British Academy Summer Showcase. It took place around the grounds of the Actors’ Church.

Follow in the footsteps of the performance; hear and see its echoes. Listen to the artists speak about making theatre during the pandemic and share your thoughts on what theatre should be saying during this time.

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Created by Jon McLeod, Wendy Kibble
Russell Bender and Laura Swift
Sound design by Jon McLeod
With additional input from the company

In Partnership with The British Academy